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About Us


Opt In Biz Leads is comprised of a union between an independent marketing consultant & several carefully-selected, national service providers specializing in targeted data services and lead generation. We get excited at the prospect of helping you obtain exactly what you need! We've provided lead generation for the financial service industries among others, and are viewed as a trusted resource for everyday businesses looking to acquire exact sales data & mailing lists.

THE CONCEPT- OIBL: (Opt In Biz Leads)

The idea of Opt In Biz Leads was born in 2000 through industry affiliation with several of the nation's leading information resource companies like Info-USA, AccuData Inc, I-Marketing Direct, Hoovers Online, and many others. Through reseller and direct agent partnerships, OIBL has become a formidable and much-needed resource for reliable and accurate sales information and business data.


We realized back in 2005 that we could not only provide the data and list services required by most businesses at less than standard industry cost, but also offer additional resources as a consultant for their marketing projects as well.

Who We've Helped:
*  Business Owners
*  Independent Insurance & Real Estate agents
*  Call Centers
*  Financial Services professionals
*  Internet Marketers
*  Credit Unions
*  Travel Agents
*  Telco Service Providers
and many others.

What We've Done:
*  Executed third-party email campaigns.
*  Provided accurate consumer data to small business owners.
*  Run counts for mainstream marketers in states across the U.S.
*  Helped telemarketing firms acquire accurate call lists.
*  Provided customer profiles for financial services professionals.
*  Helped business owners acquire prospecting lists segmented by city, state, county, and zip code.
*  Provided consumer on-line purchasing behaviour reports for marketers
*  Isolated data via voter registrations, home-owner status, annual incomes, assets owned, and countless other demographical and lifestyle data selects.

OIBL is strategically positioned to help businesses not only acquire the data they need to do business anywhere in the U.S. (or the world), but also to implement the strategies necessary to market successfully in a compliance-conscious business environment.
We utilize the technology and directly offer the services of over seven national and international vendors of sales & marketing data, permission-based email, and spam-compliant online marketing. 
Through our specialized targeting services, we can help marketers with their lead generation projects, data requirements, permission-email needs, mobile marketing campaigns, and DNC-compliant list services. We can also get you the leads you need for your business, at less than industry cost. If you're committed to volume lead orders, you'll love us!

                                                                                          "The World Is Your Database."
                                                                                                                                  OPT IN BIZ LEADS
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